A revolution is underway to enable people to live longer better, reduce the need for health and social care and reverse the effects of lockdown through the Live Longer Better in Hertfordshire network. 

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‚ÄčThe number of people over 80 is going to increase significantly in the next ten years with little increase in healthy life expectancy in prospect. This has huge implications for health and social care services. It doesn't have to be this way. The evidence is strong that the incidence of the major causes of disability and dependency can be prevented or delayed, compressing the period at the end of life when we are heavily dependent on others. More of the same won't achieve this. A revolution is underway. Already about 20 million of the population are supported by networks of AgeUK, the Active Partnerships, the NHS, Local Authorities and the business community. These networks all focus on the same objectives of the system for living longer better, which are to: 

  • Prevent and mitigate isolation
  • Increase physical ability and resilience and increase healthspan
  • Promote knowledge and understanding about living longer better among older people and the wider population to counteract the detrimental effects of ageism
  • Create an environment in which people can fulfil their potentia
  • Enable strengthening of purpose
  • Support carers better
  • Minimise and mitigate the effects of deprivation
  • Reduce the risk of and delay or prevent dementia
  • Prevent and minimise the effects of disease and multimorbidity
  • Promote living well and dying well

"Knowledge is the Elixir of Life - the way we think about ageing is wrong; the new evidence from research lets us reimagine ageing and then realise the new paradigm"

Sir Muir Gray

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