Sir Muir Gray

Sir Muir Gray entered the Public Health Service in 1972 by joining the City of Oxford Health Department.
The first phase of his professional career focused on disease prevention, for example helping people stop smoking. He also developed a local, then national programme of work to promote health in old age.

In 1975 he published articles on the effects of isolation, Brainwashing in Oxfordshire. In the 1980s he published a number of key books and articles including an article in the BMJ describing the fitness gap for the first time. He challenged the conventional idea, that all older people need was "care" i.e. things done for them. 

He developed screening programmes in the NHS, for pregnant women, children, adults and older people. 

From 1990 on his responsibilities included being the Regional Director of Public Health and Director of the National Screening Service, setting up NHS Choices and the One You programme now part of 
​He was appointed as the Chief Knowledge Officer of the NHS and awarded both a CBE and later a Knighthood for services for the NHS. 
He has worked with both NHS England and Public Health England to bring about a transformation of care with the aim of increasing value for both populations and individuals. He was the principal expert adviser to the European Union in the production of their report on Value Based Healthcare in 2019.

His mission, of fifty years, is how to help people live longer better. He published a book for people aged seventy called Sod70! one for the younger decade, with Claire Parker, called Sod60!, and, with the Green Goddess Diana Mora, Sod Sitting, Get Moving and a book on diet - Sod It, Eat Well! 

Based on his research and experience he has developed a new model to help people Live Longer Better, to compress morbidity at the end of life and to reduce the incidence of dementia and frailty and therefore reduce the need for social care. The time is now, join the Revolution today!