Learning and insights from a year of Live Longer Better in action

Live Longer Better Thought Leadership National Event

Wednesday 22nd March, 10.00 – 11.30

The new organisation of health and social care with its focus on integrated care, value, and defined populations provides an excellent basis for the Live Longer Better Movement which was launched in 2019.

Active Partnerships have embarked on this revolutionary movement and in 2022 were able to build on the existing strengths of the LLB revolution, establish new ones, seize opportunities and face down challenges.

With contributions from Sir Muir Gray, our Learning and Evaluation Partners and Active Partnerships that are leading this revolutionary movement, this event will be a springboard to 2023. This webinar provides an opportunity to leverage this learning and to connect the opportunities and strengths that sit across national and local partners.

The Health and Care Bill starts a revolution which will make Live Longer Better easier to achieve!

National Thought Leadership Event

Wednesday 8th June 2022

The NHS was set up as a single organisation in 1948 - numerous bureaucracies, but one organisation, one family. From 1990, collaboration was stopped and competition began. The market has been watered down. Ostrom and Williamson (Nobel Prize winners for Economics) emphasised that complex problems could not be solved by bureaucracies and markets alone. They need integrated systems.

We now have an Act of Parliament, the Health and Care Bill which has received Royal Assent, enacting the most significant health legislation in a decade into law. Integrated systems were deemed essential, with their four purposes outlined:

  1. Improving population health and healthcare;
  2. Tackling unequal outcomes and access;
  3. Enhancing productivity and value for money; and
  4. Helping the NHS to support broader social and economic development.

This marks a milestone in the recovery and reform of how health and care services work together. The Live Longer Better programme was designed on these principles, recognising that activity: physical, cognitive and emotional, is an essential part of population health management and MUST be integral to improving community health and longevity.

This Live Longer Better National Event takes a consultative approach with National Clinical Directors.

The Longevity Revolution - reducing the burden on Health and Social Care 

National Thought Leadership Event

Wednesday 23rd March 2022

Delivered as part of the Active Partnership's National Convention, this event included: 
▪ 2022 - the year of reconditioning, body, brain and mind and the year of partnership (Sir Muir Gray, Optimal Ageing Associates)
▪ Physical activity... should it be a vital sign? (Dr Jenni Jones, National University of Galway)
▪ The Language of Movement: Now we're talking! (Dr Marlize De Vivo, Active Medicine)
▪ Missed Opportunities: underuse of lifestyle interventions in primary care (Dr Anant Jani, University of Oxford) 
▪ Engaging NHS System Leaders in Whole System Approaches to Physical Activity  (Jamie Blackshaw & Ruth Shaw, Office for Health Improvement & Disparities)
▪ Ageing Well Programme - a local approach to embedding Live Longer Better (Lisa Wood, Wesport)

Living Better Longer through the 3Rs: Recovery, Rejuvenation, Reimagining Reducing the need for Social Care 

National Thought Leadership Event

Wednesday 26th January 2022

The first national Live Longer Better of 2022 the event included:
▪ Achieving a Longevity Dividend (Professor Andrew Scott, London Business School)
▪ Celebrating Longevity rather than Fearing Ageing (Sir Muir Gray)
▪ The impact of COVID-19 on older people's physical and mental health: third wave research findings (Dr Lis Boulton, Age UK)
▪ Reconditioning and the Adult Social Care White Paper (Oliver Rashbrook-Cooper, Office for Health Improvement and Disparities)
▪ The Benefits Outweigh the Risk! (Ruth Bell, Sport England)
▪ How can we help people with multiple long-term conditions to Live Longer Better? (Michelle Roberts, Richmond Group of Charities)
▪ Supporting longevity: arts and culture in health and wellbeing (Victoria Hume, Culture Health and Wellbeing Alliance)

Reducing the need for Health and Social Care - How Live Longer Better can do it! 

National Thought Leadership Event

Wednesday 6th October 2021

▪ Make Your Move': a new series of physical activity videos from the charities behind 'We Are Undefeatable' (Gail Curry, the Richmond Group of Charities)
▪ Ageing well and living longer better: reducing the need for social care (Sir Muir Gray)
▪ Wider Impacts of COVID-19 on Physical Activity, Deconditioning and Falls In Older Adults (Elaine Rashbrook & Faizan Mahmood, Office for Health Improvement and Disparities)
▪ Keep on Moving: Inactivity approaching later life (Amy McSweeney, Centre for Ageing Better)
▪ It's never too late to get active! (Jade Amis and Chantelle Olaiya, Hertfordshire Independent Living Service)
▪ Searching synergies; bridging the gap between local Active Partnership and Age UK (Lorea Sarobe and Tom Howard, Active Hereford and Worcestershire)

Live Longer Better - 'The Great Escape' 

National Thought Leadership Event

Wednesday 7th July 2021

▪ Sir Muir Gray - Live Longer Better: The Great escape

▪ An update from Age UK on their latest research which highlights 'The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on older people: one year on'
▪ The Chartered Society of Physiotherpy shared insight around effective strength messaging for inactive and fairly active people living with long-term conditions from CSP
▪ How the EFL Trust is promoting connections and building a social community of people in their retirement years.
▪ Enhancing physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in older people through the Oomph programme

Liberation after Vaccination 

National Thought Leadership Event

Wednesday 24th March 2021

▪ End of the Beginning (Sir Muir Gray) 
▪ Understanding physical inactivity in people approaching later life (Amy Sweeney -
▪ Centre for Ageing Better)
▪ Uniting the Movement (Andy Maud - Sport England) 
▪ What do you expect at your age? (Prof Peter Gore)
▪ Extra Time (Baroness Camilla Cavendish) 

Live Longer Better - Covid-19 Resilience & Recovery

National Thought Leadership Event

Wednesday 24th February 2021

▪ The Live Longer Better Revolution (Sir Muir Gray)
▪ We Are Undefeatable - How insight shaped the campaign (Gail Curry) 
▪ Social Prescribing - What Matters? (Tracey Lines) 
▪ primetime (Ann Wilbourne - mytimeactive)
▪ Connecting Actively to Nature - Overview and case study (Tom Mack - Active Devon)
▪ Still On The Go (Nicky Galwey-Woolston - Cotman Housing, & Rachel Cooke - Active Norfolk) 

Live Longer Better - Viva la Revolution!

National Thought Leadership Event

Thursday 21st January 2021

▪ The State of Ageing 2020: how people are ageing in the UK and our prospects if action is not taken (Jess Kuehne - Centre for Ageing Better) 
▪ The impact of Covid-19 and its impact on physical and mental health and the importance of physical activity (Jenny Lippiatt - Age UK) 
▪ Benefits of a Network and partnership working: The Ageing Hub, Greater Manchester (Nicola Waterworth & Beth Mitchell) 
▪ Active Medicine: helping people to stay active: training front line workers and volunteers (Casely Dunlop)
▪ Age UK Milton Keynes: befriending and walking scheme (Caroline Odjidja (Age UK Milton Keynes)