Live Longer Better in Hertfordshire Champions

What does the Champion role involve?

A Live Longer Better in Hertfordshire Champion will advocate the importance of Active Ageing to Hertfordshire's older adults, or organisations working with them. 

This will involve engaging with groups of older adults, facilitating conversations about the importance of physical activity and ensuring that attendees know about opportunities available to them.

To become a Champion you will complete online training in your own time.

How long will it take to complete?

Every student is different but in general:

  • Video lesson: 2 hours 20 minutes in total
  • Course notes: 20 minutes per lesson
  • Your optional Live Longer Better projects: 30 minutes per lesson
  • Optional Hertfordshire Reflective & Networking sessions: 3 hours in total

Am I eligible to be a Champion?

You are eligible if:

You support, work or volunteer (or have contact) with older adults who live in Hertfordshire (or you are keen to establish and build connections)

You have the opportunity to increase activity (physical, emotional or cognitive) for those you connect with. 

You are proactive and willing to learn

You are happy to talk to various older adult groups to advocate for Live Longer Better

You have basic IT skills (emails, internet etc)

What will I have access to as a Champion?

Each volunteer will gain access to a series of online training materials to better understand the principles and theories that underpin Live Longer Better in Hertfordshire. 

Upon completion of the training and feedback surveys, Champions will also receive branded polo to be worn when advocating Live Longer Better. 

In the future, we would like volunteers to have access to accredited qualifications.

Where are the roles based?

There are no set locations for roles, however you must engage with Hertfordshire residents and focus your Champion role for Hertfordshire. 

How do I sign up?

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