Celebration Day video & photos!


September 7th, 2023, marked the very first Live Longer Better in Hertfordshire Celebration Day. A day that exceeded all expectations with attendees leaving motivated and informed.

Hosted by the Herts Sport & Physical Activity Partnership at the University of Hertfordshire's De Havilland campus, the day aimed to promote the work of the Live Longer Better in Hertfordshire movement with the mission, "To encourage more activity for longer, healthier and happier lives".

The esteemed and much celebrated, Professor Sir Muir Gray, National Lead of the Live Longer Better Revolution, opened the event with an address which aimed to dispel some of the myths associated with ageing. Jim McManus, the director of Public Health for Hertfordshire, joined the address to share the picture of Hertfordshire.

Over 300 people attended the event including residents, professionals and volunteers of Hertfordshire. We were proud to present Live Longer Better in Hertfordshire Champions with their certificates. (insert picture) Throughout the day, over 30 local organisations hosted stalls and activities from Tai Chi and Clock Cricket through to Walking Football and Pickleball to cater for a wide variety of interests. All of which were well-received by the enthusiastic participants of the day.

One attendee said, "We had the opportunity to try several different sports and also to learn about organisations that might be if help to us in the future. The tricycles were such fun, very unexpected; and the young people who helped us - what can I say - the future is in good hands! I learned that I can still hula hoop and have ordered myself one!".

Another said, "...such a fantastic day yesterday!!! I had such a great time, got to network with some great like-minded people and every person that came to my stall said what a great day they were having!"

The day was peppered with experts showcasing their knowledge of how physical activity can improve an individual's quality of life and prevent illness and injury. Associate Professor, Mike Callan, introduced Judo for safer falling and ageing well. Whilst John Molyneux explained 'Functional Ways to Improve Balance' in his seminar.

As the event came to a close, attendees left with a newfound determination to embrace healthier lifestyles with 70% of attendees sharing the event changed their perspectives on ageing and 88% of attendees said they are likely to try the activities again. The Live Longer Better Celebration Day's success not only highlighted the importance of health but also demonstrated the power of community collaboration in promoting well-being. Charlotte Bird, lead organiser of the event, expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming response and participation and said, "It is great to hear that people have been able to try activities that they haven't had the chance to in years. We are all feeling really inspired".

The Live Longer Better Celebration Day is now planned to be an annual event with organisers already starting to plan how to make next year's event just as triumphant.