Become active with Nicki


Hello, my name is Nicki Krajnovic. 

I have worked in the Fitness industry for the past 30 years, and have always enjoyed working within the community, helping people to become more physically active and achieving their goals.

  Exercise specialist in: 


All aspects of my work have one thing in common: To help as many people as I can in becoming more active and for them to reap the many health & wellbeing benefits.

My focus is on reaching those people who may not know what type of exercise they can do or those people that think they should not exercise in case they make their condition worse.

Helping people be the best that they can be, improving their confidence and helping them stay as independent as they can for as long as they can, is very rewarding and gives me a huge amount of satisfaction.

More recently, with the support of Richard Sutcliffe the professional bid writer funded through Live Longer Better in Hertfordshire, I have been successful in receiving some funding from the National Lottery and have now started my new project called Functional Fitness MOT and Exercise Taster Sessions. 

This programme reaches those who may be a little nervous about doing any kind of exercise. It initially assesses an individual's functional ability which then opens up a conversation on what they would like to achieve, looking at the opportunities and the most suitable options available to them. I then offer some taster sessions to familiarise the individual with the types of exercises I would offer. This is followed by them being signposted to one of my exercise sessions that's most suitable to them. (Please see attached FFMOT Leaflet)

Over the years I have worked on a number of specialist programmes such as Cardiac-Rehabilitation & Falls Prevention. I have also worked on programmes that focus on people who have neurological conditions including Parkinson's & MS together with people who have suffered Strokes.

I work for Camden & Islington Get Active Referral Programme, based in a local GP practice, where I use evidence based behaviour change techniques to motivate and support patients with long term medical conditions, in having a more active lifestyle. I also teach Strength & Balance and PSI classes for Stevenage FCF and Open age. I have previously worked for HILs on their Active Ageing Programme.

As well as the above I run my own Private practice, working with people 1-2-1 as well as delivering a number of specialist Exercise classes ranging from Strength & Balance, Postural Stability, Cardiac rehabilitation and more general Exercise for Health sessions (Please see attached Leaflet)

I am as passionate today (if not more so) about helping people reach their potential as I was all those years ago when I first ventured into the fitness industry. My work has always been stimulating and rewarding and I look forward to supporting many more people in becoming active and remaining independent.