Culture is at the heart of what we do. Living Longer Better means moving to a culture of coaching, rather than care. It is about equipping and encouraging people to be the best that they can be, regaining lost ability no matter how old they are and how many conditions they have. 

The principal aims of the network are to:

1) deliver the objectives of a system 

2) provide the leadership required to change the culture

We need to move from a culture that has assumed that an increase in the number of older people simply means an increase number of people requiring "care" - namely practical assistance. What is needed is a new culture of enablement in which it is expected that older people will regain lost ability, no matter their age and no matter how many conditions they may have.

The Living Longer Better network is playing a leading role in changing culture. It does this in part by using a common language, in part by delivering online learning to a thousand or more key people per million population to help them understand what is happening as people live longer, and in part by bringing together networks of agencies, professionals and volunteers that each play a role in helping people live longer better.